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Dye Tests

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Dye Tests

A Dye test is most often performed at or around the time of selling a property. Many municipalities require a dye test when a property changes ownership. The city of Pittsburgh has passed an ordinance which requires dye testing when a property is sold. Dye testing involves placing a non-staining water soluble dye tablet in the drain or downspout of your property and then flushing it with water. The storm and sanitary sewers, as well as, surrounding areas are then examined for the appearance of traces of dyed water.

Dye testing is necessary to prevent the overloading of the sanitary sewer system. With heavy rainfalls and downspouts improperly connected to the sanitary sewer system, the sanitary sewer system could overflow sending polluted water into the rivers, creeks, and streams.

Once the dye test is completed, our trained plumber will determine whether or not the property is properly or improperly connected to the sanitary sewer system. If the property is properly connected, no further action will be necessary. However, if the property is found to be improperly connected, further work will need to be completed in order to have the property properly connected to the sewer system. The storm water would then need to be re-routed elsewhere.

Please click here for City of Pittsburgh Dye Testing Information

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